Image of the Guichet Nail

Guichet Nail ('G-Nail')

The Nails can be used in femurs, tibias and humerus. It offers the fast patient procedure times, low complication rate and is full weight bearing.

Patients get accustomed fast with the lengthening maneuver.

Please see videos of the click maneuvers in the link bellow.

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Image of the G-Instrumentation


The Guichet® Instrumentation enables a fast and easy insertion and extraction of nails. The instrumentation features a distal locking system.

Image of the G-Intramedullary Saw

Intramedullary Saw

The Guichet® Intramedullary saw enables the suppression of the osteotomy scar. In addition it boosts healing by preserving entirely the ‘fracture hematoma’.

Image of a custom made tridimentionnal correction nail

Custom Tridimensionnal Correction and Lengthening Nails

The medical expert team can design custom correction nails even for the most complex cases according to surgeon’s requirements. Please contact us for further information.

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