About us

X-os was created in 2007 to provide innovative, efficient and secure solutions in the orthopaedic field of Limb Lengthening and Reconstruction with internal devices.

The first product, the Guichet Nail® V1, was the evolution of the Albizzia® System developed in 1986, first ever full weight bearing nail. The new Guichet Nail® Version 2 brought outstanding advancements like sports during lengthening with a strong mechanical resistance.
The new Guichet Nail® Series 21 is based on the Version 2. Stronger material, multiple sizes (20 cm with a gain of 8 cm for very short femurs, etc.) and custom made implants for specific conditions are now available.
Implants provide a precise and accurate gain (1/15th of a mm) fully controllable with no shortening risk. The Guichet Nail® is a fully mechanical, biocompatible and reliable system.

A complete set of instrumentation has been developed with:

> A precise distal targeting system for minimising exposure to X-rays during surgery

> An intramedullary saws optimising the healing response

Implants are carefully designed and tested from biology to clinical studies for:

> Full Biocompatibility, reliability and safety, insuring to patients a fast recovery

> Easiness of use for the surgeon

The quality and security of our products and techniques are our primary objective.

Joint the revolution in Patient follow up
and surgical support

Enquire about our new patient and surgeon Application for clinical follow-up.


> Shorten your patient’s procedure time and minimise complications

> Get instant support and tracing of progresses of your Patient


> Get access to instant care throughout your surgery and lengthening procedure

> Lighten your effort by being guided in real time

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