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Dwarfism and Congenital Short Stature

The Guichet Nail authorises important gains in dwarfism and congenital short statures:

> Up to 8 cm of gain in one single surgery for bones of 25 cm long.

> Fully weight bearing nail with no need for wheel-chair.

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Image of an X-ray of somebody with uneven legs

Unilateral Lengthening

Indications are:

> Post-trauma or other acquired shortening

> Congenital discrepancy of 6 to 30 cm (the nail can be as short as 12 cm)

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Image of an X-ray of someone with bone deformities

Bone diseases and Malalignment

Specific bone fragility conditions or deformities can be handled with the Guichet Nail, with full weight bearing if the initial medical condition allows it.

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Image of a leg which will recieve a cosmetic limb lengthening

Cosmetic Lengthening

Large gains can be obtained if beneficial for the patient. Proportions and other parameters will be discussed with the surgeon who will guide patients in their project.

The schedule of recovery of normal life and sports capacity will be discussed with the surgeon who will provide the recommendations to achieve the goal.

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Joint the revolution in Patient follow up
and surgical support

Enquire about our new patient and surgeon Application for clinical follow-up.


> Shorten your patient’s procedure time and minimise complications

> Get instant support and tracing of progresses of your Patient


> Get access to instant care throughout your surgery and lengthening procedure

> Lighten your effort by being guided in real time

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