Guichet Nail

The new 2021 version available today


The Guichet Nail Version 2 is our safest and strongest nail to date.
With the Guichet Nail secure protocols the gain progresses safely and fast. Patients can resume all activities when the bone is formed.

The Guichet Nail provides:


Very low, 1.5% implant failure rate


Full weight bearing and gentle sports, including bike, elliptical and stepper


From 43 to 50 mm of gain in one month, safely obtained with close to normal range of motion. 65 to 75 mm in 2 months.


Short hospital stay (Daycare or one night)


Smaller skin incisions, thanks to the instrumentation

Guichet Nail Patients

Lengthening - Ratcheting

The nail is made of two sliding tubes. After transverse osteotomy of the bone and fixation of the nail in each bone extremity, alternate rotation of one tube with respect to the other authorizes lengthening of the system through repeated go-and-forth rotations.

Guichet Nail Patients

Full Weight Bearing

The nail is made of the toughest material available for medical use allowing a controlled full weight-bearing from the day of surgery (Post Operative Day 0).

Guichet Nail Patients

Excercising on a static bike

Gentle sports like bike are allowed according to surgeon's recommendations after patient’s evaluation.

Guichet Nail Patients

Other sports and activities

Your surgeon will provide you information about training and early resuming of daily activities including sports (Stepper, Elliptical). Impact or contact sports are not allowed until bone fusion.

Full weight bearing and fast return to normal life

The Guichet® Nail System is used in femurs, tibias and humerus. It offers :

> Walking, biking, stairs from the day of surgery

> Upon completion of the lengthening, normal life is fully resumed

Lengthening under full Patient’s control

Specific protocols from surgery to post-operative patient care have been designed to allow a safe gain controlled by the patient himself, under the supervision and according to tailor-made program provided by Surgeons. Clicks can be performed in full autonomy with no need for electrically powered appliances.


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