Certified Centers

Certified Excellence Centres are designed to offer optimal recovery and results for Patients.

With specific protocols, the patient is controlled throughout the procedure and follow-up by an expert Team. Follow-up involves a specific Registry authorising continuous control and guidance for the patient.

This allows not only a fast adaptation of treatments for the patient, but also an adaptation of techniques in ‘real time’ fully beneficial to all patients.

Excellence Centres are using the ultimate specific Know-How about the technique. Surgeons are trained on the specificities of products and provided with case specific on-demand assistance.

Today, X-os is bluilding its global excellence network to ensure best in class care, faster and safer procedures.


Support is provided for interested surgeons who can apply the know-how about the implants for securing optimal results to their patients.

Become a certified network member and benefit from personnal surgeon driven support.

Join the certified network


For patients, getting surgery in Certified Centres secures a high level quality with latest improvements for their treatment.

Enquire to find our certified network.


Joint the revolution in Patient follow up
and surgical support

Enquire about our new patient and surgeon Application for clinical follow-up.


> Shorten your patient’s procedure time and minimise complications

> Get instant support and tracing of progresses of your Patient


> Get access to instant care throughout your surgery and lengthening procedure

> Lighten your effort by being guided in real time

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