Our Mission

Our Mission is to build-up, through continuous Research and Development, Excellence in Ethical Behaviour for Human Being in Limb Lengthening and Reconstruction.

Based on Innovation, Quality and Security, we provide leading-edge solutions for Surgeons and Patients, for long-standing use and satisfaction.

We believe in Transparency, Integrity and Cooperation for a proactive approach to Limb Lengthening and Reconstruction processes.

We foresee the Medicine of the Future to bring it to the Present for the benefit of Patients.

Shorter procedures and higher patient satisfaction

Discover how we can provide through the Guichet® Nail fast treatments for the benefit of Patients with early return to normal life, including full weight bearing, sports and short treatments for fulfilling Patients' Dreams.


X-os releases the Guichet Nail with improved material strength authorizing instant weight-bearing and sports and short hospital stays.

Joint the revolution in Patient follow up
and surgical support

Enquire about our new patient and surgeon Application for clinical follow-up.


> Shorten your patient’s procedure time and minimise complications

> Get instant support and tracing of progresses of your Patient


> Get access to instant care throughout your surgery and lengthening procedure

> Lighten your effort by being guided in real time

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